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Ready, set, learn!

We’ve partnered with to bring you these fun, free, educational worksheets that are sure to give your kids a back-to-school boost.


Pre-Kindergarten Sight Words Bingo

Give your preschooler a jump on reading with this bingo game that helps them learn sight words in a fun way.

Prewriting Skills: Horizontal Lines

This worksheet offers a fun way for your kids to practice the skills they need to form letters.

What Doesn’t Belong at School?

By identifying the object that doesn’t belong, your kids will learn the essential math skills of sorting and categorizing.

Play Alphabet and Number Derby

Your kids will love learning their ABCs and 123s with this wacky, energetic board game!

Measuring Scavenger Hunt

Help your preschooler learn about measurement by using this printable ruler to go on a measuring scavenger hunt!

Map to School

Use this template to create a map to school and help your little one learn about directions and geography

Map to School (387.4 KB)


School Bus Picture Puzzle

Cutting out these puzzle pieces and putting them together will challenge your kindergartner’s hand-eye coordination and matching skills.

Back to School Sudoku

On this picture Sudoku worksheet, kids use logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to solve the puzzle.

Length and Width: Measure School Supplies

Introduce measuring to your kindergartener with this simple and easy worksheet.

Back to School Memory Game

Try this memory match game, where kids quickly peek at each card and then try to match them from memory.

Color Word Memory Match Game

Help your child improve her memory (and learn new words) with this matching game that uses the names of colors.

Kindergarten Sight Words Bingo

This printable board game helps young ones memorize these important words in an approachable and fun way.

First Grade

Back to School Hidden Object

Oh no! The class rabbit has hopped out of his cage and now little one needs to find him and then color in the page.

Back to School Calendar

This calendar project planner will help your child stay organized and tackle any task thrown her way.

School Acrostic Poem

Acrostics are a fun, easy introduction to poetry. Here, have your child write on a topic she knows a lot about: school!

Second Grade

Printable Homework Planner

Send your second-grader back to school with a colorful homework planner she can keep in her backpack!

School Supplies Word Search

Have your second-grader hunt down pens, pencils, and other school supplies in this fun back-to-school puzzle.

Playground Scavenger Hunt

Stay active, make friends, and have an adventure on your first day of school with this fun playground scavenger hunt.

Third Grade

Back to School Cootie Catcher

Have fun predicting what will happen during the school year with this awesome do-it-yourself cootie catcher!

Back to School Letter

Ask your third-graders to write a letter to himself, detailing a favorite summer memory and goals he hopes to accomplish this year.

Back to School Word Scramble

Reinforce third-grade spelling and handwriting skills with a fun word scramble full of school-related words!

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